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We understand the unique challenges of specialist projects across mining, energy and infrastructure sectors. Sourcing and assigning project management professionals into specialist roles for short and long-term contracts and permanent positions, we elevate existing capabilities to deliver projects safely, on time and on budget.

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People Power, On Demand

We assign top-tier project and asset managers to complex projects
across mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

How We Deliver

Understanding Your Business

Our project resourcing specialists take the time to understand your business, project and existing operational infrastructure, sourcing and assigning the right project delivery expert.

Highly Curated Talent

We carefully select a project delivery specialist from a curated pool of the highest-calibre project management professionals; the-best-of-the-best in project management.

Seamless Project Integration

We assign project delivery specialists that fit seamlessly into your existing internal operation, for short and long-term contracts. Employed and performance-managed by us, we know they’ll deliver.


Redefining Contractor Care for Greater Performance Outcomes.

At Concentis, we understand the crucial role our contractors play in project success. Through our Connect@Concentis program, we're setting a new industry standard in contractor care, providing improved benefits and support for contractors to excel in their roles. 

This translates into enhanced contractor performance, streamlined HR solutions, and improved retention for our clients, ensuring consistent project delivery. We understand that when contractors thrive, our clients thrive too.

Redefining Contractor Care for Greater Performance Outcomes. Image


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