Outsourcing Your Resourcing: The Right People for the Right Job at the Right Time

It’s often been said that you can’t buy time, but in our experience, investing in a fine-tuned and resilient resourcing process will save you a whole lot of it. By drastically increasing overall productivity, you’ll improve the perception of your company’s business strategies in the eyes of prospective talent.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has come a long way in the last decade, and streamlining your company’s hiring systems is the fastest and smartest way to access talent and maximise customer satisfaction and project outcomes.

Benefits Over Features

Now that you’re up to speed on some high-level benefits of RPO, read on for a breakdown of some key business markers where you can gain competitive advantage in highly saturated market conditions.

1. Scalability and Flexibility

Engaging an RPO, finding the right talent will be done on a project or on-demand grounds, consistently ensuring the right number of the most skilled persons are hired to fill workforce positions.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Reduce delays in hiring skilled and innovative people needed to deliver projects, outmaneuvering the competition. Talent shortage is a very serious challenge, with costly lead times for filling positions stifling project outcomes.

3. Exclusive Talent

Well-established RPO service providers will generally have a detailed and considerable database of specific talent needed to fill crucial roles. This exclusive access to rare skill sets offers a leg up for client companies.

4. RPO Analytics

With access to and effective use of dynamic resourcing assistance systems, the top RPO’s will have gathered comprehensive data analysis to pre-empt talent requirements to balance supply and demand.

5. Employer Branding

The best resourcing specialists will research and compare a company’s brand, allowing them to act like an extension of a HR and Talent Acquisition department. This ensures the right message is getting out to market.

6. Compliance Assurance

Engaging a professional talent sourcing partner will help bolster compliance and minimise onboarding risks, with the backing of extensive labour law knowledge guaranteeing successful hiring outcomes.

7. Unburden HR

By outsourcing talent searches, HR will be free to focus on tackling internal issues arising within their organisation, and using software to streamline the process proves to be a significant pain-point.

“We were surprised to find 40% did not use any tools to improve the process — instead they manage manually, often across multiple spreadsheets,”

8. Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion measures start with onboarding. Well established RPO providers enable broader engagement with diverse candidates, and also provide guidance on best practices on inclusion going forward.

Choosing the Right Hiring Partner For You

With large-scale projects, there are many moving parts to keep track of. Keeping costs down while still acquiring the best talent for your projects needs a trusted partner. One that empowers you to streamline your talent selection process, adapting to changing needs as you expand.

At Concentis, we build ongoing partnerships that improve a range of factors across client projects, such as hiring process efficiencies, turnover rates, scalability, and innovation. Our team is focused on long-term consultative work to deliver on strategic goals beyond the tactical stuff.

From the selection process for target applicants right through to the trial phases and eventual hiring, outsourcing a resourcing specialists service will pay dividends, delivering the best possible candidates.

Leveraging our in-depth market knowledge at Concentis, you can be sure each hire is the right fit for right now, and will help your projects thrive well into the future.

Sourcing and assigning resourcing industry professionals into specialist roles, we elevate existing capabilities to help you deliver projects safely, on time and on budget.

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