One From the Team - A Quick Look Inside the Industry from Talent Acquisition Specialist Sam Burgess

At Concentis, we understand how talent acquisition benefits a business, helping companies grasp the difference between recruiting and acquiring talent. To recognise how effective talent acquisition is, we help clients draw a line between talent acquisition and recruitment.

Instead of simply filling the positions that are open at a given moment, the talent acquisition process goes further. It runs continuously to identify the best candidates for future positions that can be harder to fill, such as executive-level positions, leadership roles, or jobs that require specialised training.

This week we sat down with our very own Talent Acquisition Specialist Sam Burgess to talk about all things Concentis and Resourcing.

Question: What is your role and how do you contribute to the success of the organisation and your clients?

Answer:  “My role is working with clients within mining organisations to find suitable professionals. I direct my focus on building strong connections with candidates and finding the appropriate role that either furthers their career development or that next exciting project opportunity they’re interested in pursuing.

Effective talent acquisition requires finding high quality candidates, qualifying and best preparing them for the next opportunity to help find great professionals for client-side companies within the mining industry.”

Question: Tell me about your experience at Concentis and what attracted you to them as an organisation?

Answer: “My experience at Concentis has been great. Above all else, it’s the collaborative and caring environment that made me attracted to them and still to this day. Helping grow a business that only started in 2008 really brings the satisfaction and passion to watch the organisation succeed.”

Question: What do you enjoy about working for Concentis?

Answer: “Talking with people, getting to meet various personalities and learn about exciting projects happening in mining. The culture in the office is great, bringing great laughs and team collaboration to above all else help the client and applicant connect.

The team culture is very rewarding, everyone celebrates each other’s wins and is supportive when losses arise. I thrive on the satisfaction of working to find someone’s perfect role.”

Question: What makes Concentis different to competitors in the industry?

Answer: “Concentis genuinely cares for its candidates, and will always put responsiveness as a top priority. It’s how we deliver high quality candidates to clients in a timely and efficient manner.

Most importantly we offer a personal connection and a familiar face, being a small growing business. Unlike other businesses, you get to know us on a deeper level and won’t be working with various different employees like other companies.”

Question: What are some of the most significant impacts of COVID and how you operate as an organisation?

Answer: “Working in the mining industry has not affected us significantly as we’ve been able to adapt, operate as normal, and provide great working flexibility. Our top priority, however, is to provide as much support as we can to our contractors throughout issues that have affected the industry such as border lockdowns. To find security in candidates lives when other situations in life are a lot more uncertain.

Question: What’s your perception of the industry’s culture? Are there any changes would you like to see made?

Answer: “From my perspective, it really differs from company to company. For myself personally, above all else I want to be responsive and when I make promises keep them. For me, building real connections helps in the long run. The industry can have a reputation of leaving a candidate hanging and not hearing anything back from an agency. If there would be any major improvement it would be this.”

Question: What does diversity and inclusion look like to you within your organisation and within the wider industry?

Answer: “At Concentis, we welcome and support all applicants, from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, women, the LGBTI+ community, mature workers, people with disabilities and impairments, and people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Concentis and the partners we work with, are Equal Opportunity Employers committed to ensuring a working environment where everyone feels included and is treated fairly with respect and equal consideration.”

Question: What does leadership look like to you, and who or what has been the biggest influence on your career?

Answer: “To me, leadership is when someone can lead by example yet can provide time out of their day to help where they can with furthering the career development of others and guide them to success. An individual that is supportive and drives the team culture.”

Here’s a quick recap on the key insights from the sitdown with Sam.

Key Insights:

  1. Talent acquisition process goes further than recruitment. It runs continuously to identify the best candidates for future positions that require specialised training.
  2. Concentis genuinely cares for its candidates, and will always put responsiveness as a top priority. It’s how we deliver high quality candidates to clients in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Concentis and the partners they work with are Equal Opportunity Employers committed to ensuring working environments where everyone feels included.

Sourcing and assigning resourcing industry professionals into specialist roles, we elevate existing capabilities to help you deliver projects safely, on time and on budget.

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