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At Concentis, we source and assign the highest quality specialist to roles and client projects in the Resources sector. To do this well, we have our own experts to ensure each professional is matched with the right opportunity. We thought we’d take the opportunity to get some industry insights from one of our own. 

This week we sat down with our very own Business Leader, Jamie Lewis to talk about all things Concentis and Resourcing. In our chat, we touched on what makes Concentis different, how the industry has changed over the last five years, the impacts of COVID, and how the future of the sector is shaping up. 

Question: What is your role and how do you contribute to the success of the organisation and your clients

Answer: “My role at Concentis balances client and team management.  

Building strong working relationships with key client-side stakeholders, we’re able to understand unique project delivery challenges.  

Investing in the development of a cohesive, high-performing team here at Concentis, we’re able to deploy skilled experts that support those clients in all the right places.” 

Question: Tell us about your experience at Concentis and what attracted you to them as an organisation

Answer: “When looking for a new role I was attracted to Concentis as they are a boutique company specialising within my chosen sector of Project Management. They focus on the mining sector, a new sector that I was looking to gain new experience and grow within.” 

Question: What do you enjoy most about working for Concentis?

Answer: “There's a strong real team culture at Concentis where everyone works towards the same goal. This is a very unique and positive environment in comparison to what is often seen as a very ruthless industry.” 

Question: What makes Concentis different to competitors in the industry?

Answer: “Concentis is a specialist resource provider focusing on 4 key roles; 

  • Project Management 
  • Project Engineering 
  • Project Controls 
  • Construction Management 

By focusing on these 4 key roles, we’re able to offer clients a tailored approach with an extensive network within our chosen sectors.” 

Question: What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry over the last 5 years. What are some of the biggest progresses that have been made?

Answer: “From my perspective, there are probably 3 key areas of change that stand out to me over the past 5 years. 

  • A large focus on Net Zero Environmental programs and sustainable mining practices - There are numerous studies and active projects using and developing the latest technology to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact produced by Heavy Industry. 
  • Active diversity programs - Companies are very proactive in creating equal opportunity and diverse employment strategies. 
  • Working from home - With all the changes over the past 18 months due to the current COVID pandemic, people have had to work from home during lockdowns showing that you can be effective working remotely. I feel that this has built more trust within the workplace and therefore people are now more freely able to work from home.” 

Question: What are some of the most significant impacts of COVID and how you operate as an organisation. How have these affected you personally?

Answer: “Working within the Mining FIFO Industry, the closing of state and International borders drastically limited the amount of available candidates. There was a a big focus on candidates only wanting to travel within their home state as to avoid being caught in snap lockdowns and then not being able to return home during R&R periods. As we come out of the other side of the pandemic, we’re still seeing some challenges but we can feel things are moving back to a more normalised state.” 

Question: What’s your perception of the industry’s culture? Are there any changes would you like to see made?

Answer: “I feel that the resource sector is very proactive in promoting positive cultures, and they are very aware of the potential mental health effects of being a FIFO worker. There are a number of support programs in place to assist with this. Companies are also now a lot more active with regards to engaging the local communities and providing support in remote areas.” 

Question: What does diversity and inclusion look like to you within your organisation and within the wider industry?

Answer: “Here at concentis we have a very diverse and multicultural team. Our client base actively requests diverse shortlists when working on roles.” 

Question: What does leadership in a working environment look like to you?

Answer: “For me leadership is all about walking the talk. You need to show that you are there to support and invest in your team and actively promote professional development. This creates a respectful, team-focused environment inline with our company values.” 

Here’s a quick recap on the key insights from the sitdown with Jamie. 

Key Insights: 

  1. Concentis has a strong culture of goal alignment and positivity, with a strong focus on diversity. 
  2. The industry will continue to see an increasing focus on Net Zero emissions and sustainable mining practices. 
  3. The COVID pandemic has shown companies that remote working can be equally effective and build trust for many roles. 

Jamie’s Bio: 

As a highly experienced recruitment professional, Jamie has over 15 years of Australian recruitment experience specialising within the Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Mining and Client-Side Project Management sectors. He has worked with a wide variety of clients from local boutique builders to large international asset owners and has developed a proven Industry network of both reputable clients and high-quality candidates on a National basis. 

Jamie has a friendly, honest approach to recruitment and enjoys working hands-on with clients, stakeholders and candidates to make sure the right people are being put forward for the right opportunities, Being a perfectionist he likes to make sure that there is clear feedback and updates throughout the process. 

Jamie has continued to work hands on delivering a variety of Temporary and Full-time assignments for both Blue & White Collar roles whilst also building and developing high performing teams. 


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