Payton Buffington

Operational Excellence Lead
Starting her career in the talent acquisition space with Concentis, Payton has continued to support the business, candidates and clients alike to ensure the best service is always delivered. Now, in the Operational Excellence space, she utilises this experience and knowledge of the business to better strengthen and enhance how we do things at Concentis.

Through her recruitment experience and post-graduate studies in talent acquisition, Payton can add valuable insight and suggestions to streamline and strengthen processes.

Holding the belief that as people spend so much time at work, it needs to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, Payton has a passion for ensuring the Concentis team is armed with the right tools and processes to place candidates in great working environments.

Payton enjoys being part of the team at Concentis, striving for success stories every day, and understands the value of a supportive, exciting, and fulfilling workplace.
Payton  Buffington Photo