Grace Johnstone

Talent Acquisition Specialist

With a decade of experience in hospitality, venue management and customer service, Grace seamlessly transitioned to our industry in 2023, leveraging her skills in building client relationships, delivering exceptional experiences and cultivating a positive work environment.

Originally hailing from Manchester, Grace made the move to Australia in 2018, leaving the rainy days behind. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, she's eager to integrate her studies into her role here at Concentis.

Grace's meticulous attention to detail and preference for listening over speaking have earned her the trust and loyalty of customers and colleagues over the years. Her exceptional ability to make people feel genuinely heard has led to the development of enduring connections.

In her personal life, Grace firmly believes in starting the day right, embracing a morning routine that includes yoga, savouring an iced latte and enjoying cuddles with her beloved pups, Cookie and Pluto. Guided by the life mantra, 'always do the right thing,' she places kindness at the heart of her approach, recognising its importance in any situation.

Grace Johnstone Photo